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Srirangam Srinivasarao or Sri Sri (1910-1983) was a popular Modern Telugu Poet and Lyricist. He was born in Visakhapatnam, Andhra Pradesh, India.

Sri Sri was the first true modern Telugu poet to write about contemporary issues which afftected day-to-day life of a common man in a style and metre which were not used in classical telugu poetry.

Sri Sri was famous as Mahakavi (literally - great poet).

He rocked the telugu literature world with his Maha Prasthanam (literally - a long journey), an anthology of poems -- one of his major works. Some other major works of Sri Sri include Maro Prasthanam, Siprali, Khadga Srushti.

Sri Sri had written songs to about 42 Telugu films between 1952 - 1982. His Padavoyi Bharatheeyuda (literally - Start singing O! Indian) of Velugu Needalu (1961), Telugu veera levara (literally - O brave Telugu born, wake up!!) of Alluri Seetha Rama Raju (the song won National Award for best lyric), Nenu saitham(literally - I too have been the fuel for this great activity of building up the world..) of Mahaprastanam were quite popular.The song is used in the movie Rudraveena.

He was the first person to be conferred with the prestigious Raja-Lakshmi Award in 1979 by Sri Raja-Lakshmi Foundation, Chennai.

Some Telugu Movies like Akali Rajyam ("The Empire of Hunger") have been produced based on his inspirational works.


Sri Sri is quite famous for his extreme bold nature. He used to comment on Andhra people like: Telugu vadi jathiya gunam orvaleni thanam asalu sisalaina telugu vadiki poriginti pulla koore nachchuthundi.

Literary Works
  • Prabhava (1928)
  • Vaaram Vaaram (1946)
  • Sampangi Thota (1947)
  • Maha Prasthanam (1950)
  • Amma ( 1952)
  • Meemee (1954)
  • Maro Prapancham (1956)
  • Three Cheers for Man (1956)
  • Charama Raathri (1957)
  • Maanavudi Paatlu (1958)
  • Sowdamini (1958)
  • Gurajada (1959)
  • Moodu Yebhailu (1964)
  • Khadga Srushti (1966)
  • Views and Reviews (1969)
  • Sri Sri Sahityam (5 volumes) (1970)
  • Sri Sri's Minnelani (1970)
  • Rekka Vippina Revolution (1971)
  • Vyasa Kreedalu (1973)
  • Maro Moodu Yabhailu (1974)
  • China Yaanam (1980)
  • Maro Prasthanam (1980)
  • Mahaa Prasthanam (1981)
  • Paadavoyi Bharateeyuda (1983)
  • New Frontiers (1983)
  • Anantham (1986)
  • Pra-Ja (1990)
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