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Krishna Vamsi
Krishna Vamsi

Krishna Vamsi(Pasupuleti) is a two times national award winning telugu film director from India who has directed many films in Telugu film industry(South Indian) and Bollywood.and is one of the most creative director in india.

Personal life

He is married to Ramya Krishna, a South Indian actress.He has one son, Ritwik.

early life

Krishnavamsi was born on 28th July 1962. He did his BSc. in Tadepalligudem followed by M.A. in Agricultural Economics from Agra University. Then he joined the film industry. He started as a light boy then became camera assistant, assistant to the editor and assistant director.


Krishna Vamsi established his own production company Andhra Talkies in 2000. Here are some highlights of Krishna Vamsi's direction talents:

  • Favourite movie according to Krishna Vamshi himself is the movie "Sindhooram". Title which can be symbolized as 'Blood' or 'life' or 'hope of life' or just a symbol of prosperity for any Indian Hindu wife. This movie highlights all aspects of Naxalism and it is beautifully portrayed throughout the movie. This movie gives you a understanding on how are young and old roped into the swell of Naxalism and the efforts by each and every member of Naxalism and of-course the end of their lifes.

Sindhooram is by far the best epic movie of his generation, a story attempted by few before but never could portray in a way Vamsi could and definitely on par with his mentor Ram Gopal Varma (who is again specialized in making gangster and underworld movies). Krishna vamsi's this attempt has definitely raised many eyebrows and has given us many good talents like our very own Ravi Teja who made his debut with this film. Sanghavi has definitely played her part the best but on the glamour front, she was lagging behind. And Brahmaji (vamsi's muse) has taken this chance to be a perfect character artist cum Hero but should work on his vocal vibrations before attempting to be a complete Hero. All-in-all Hats-Off to Vamsi who has bought in the scope of learning with definite entertainment awaiting.

  • He is well-known for bringing out new talents in artists. He made Jagapathi Babu, who is famous for playing typical family roles, play a tapori role in his award winning movie Anthapuram. However, his movie Samudram, in which Jagapathi Babu played the leading role, was a disaster.

His music-sense is fantastic. All his movies have wonderful albums. All the albums are well-appreciated till date.

  • He is a choreographer too. His songs have the typical Krishna Vamsi romantic touch. At least one song in each of his films has a melodious duet.(Except "Rakhi") Examples are: "kannullo nee rupame" from Ninne Pelladutha, "ii velalo niivu em cestu untavu" from Gulabi, "nuvvu nuvvu" from Khadgam, "oke oka maata" from Chakram
  • His movies contain a good social message too. Chakram, Khadgam, Sindhuram are typical examples.

He shares a very good relation with Sirivennela Sitarama Sastry, the hat-trick Nandi best lyricist award winner. He gets the best out of him whether it be teen songs like "class room lo tapassu cheyyuta", duets like "nuvvu nuvvu", message-oriented songs like "jagamanta kutumbam naadi" and "artha sathabdhapu agnyananne".

  • His movie, Chakram was inspired by an old song written by Sirivennela Seetharama Sastry "Jagamanta Kutumbam naadi".
  • His latest movie is "Rakhi" with Jr NTR. It has a lot of expectations as both the director and hero haven't tasted good success in recent days. Both of them are hungry for success. His film Rakhi is an above average movie. This movie is about the present position of ladies problems. He puts out the most difficult tasks performed by N.T.R. It has some good performances by Kota Srinivas Rao and Chandra Mohan.
  • He also choreographed two songs from the film Okkadunnadu on director Chandra Sekhar Yeleti's request.
  • His latest movie Chandamama (Film), released last week got some average reviews. It is not appreciated completely.

Nandi award from Andhra Pradesh state Government for the movies :

Filmfare awards as Best film Director :

National awards for Best regional film :

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